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July 09, 2020, 07:15:48 pm


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Showing Connection Points

Started by The Track Planner, April 14, 2020, 07:30:35 pm

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The Track Planner

Hi David,
In the next update it would be nice if we had a choice, when using flextrack, for displaying track connections, i.e., the small white dots. Choice one (default): display all connections; Choice two: show connections only at turnouts.
The reasoning behind the choice has to do with, in my case, client confusion. I have had clients who think they have to cut each section of flextrack at the white dots, no matter how short the flextrack section might be. It may sound unusual, but it happens more times then one would think.
I understand I can turn off "show connections" but that turns off ALL connections. It would be more convenient if just the connections at the turnouts showed. This way the client could establish a precise location for placing a turnout based on the (three or four) white dots. I really don't see a need to show every flextrack connection. You allow us to lengthen a section of flextrack, beyond the manufacturers set length, without adding dots every say 36" or whatever default length the manufacturer has established.
Is there a sound reason why this secondary choice could not be added?
Thanks for your time and a great product!


I just had an idea that might just be simpler from the software perspective...  It's how I would look at it implementing a quick solution if I didn't have time or if I felt that the smart "show connections" option was too complex.  Maybe when the software draws the circle and white centre for the connection it could draw the centre in a different colour if that connection linked two peices of flexible track, perhaps in yellow or grey, or with an additional dot in the centre, or something similar.  This could then flag to a constructor that the connection is optional when they come to the building stage.

On the other had, I am sure there are other solutions; I know next to nothing of how the software currently works.

Also, I have to agree with the last point - it's a great product.