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October 24, 2020, 06:08:30 am


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New to Anyrail

Started by flyerrich, May 20, 2020, 04:34:15 am

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I am new to the forum. Just finding my way around. I have a question. When I was looking to start doing a layout I don"t see where I could use Peco code 100 turnouts. What am I missing? Thanks



While setting on the "Home" tab Click on the "Track Libraries" tab.  The tab reveals a row of scale road systems from "G" to "Z" and more.  Select the scale system you are interested in. A dropdown window appears that may contain a "PECO" scaling system.  Click on the scaling system and another dropdown window appears. If the scale "100" does not appear then it does not exist in the selection.  Open other scaling systems until you see what you need. Suggestion look in "O" scale. ;) When you do find what you need then click on it and a dialog box will open to the left side of the program window. It will list the track sets fond for that scale.  Hope this helps. Another suggestion>  Look through the help pages found by clicking on the "FILE" tab then click on help. Under support click help again.