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Version 6.31

Started by David, June 29, 2020, 12:12:54 PM

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Hi all!

I hope everyone stays healthy.

In this update you will find:
- An update for H0 Fast Tracks: W9 (large threeway turnout) added.
- Märklin I updated: reordered elements, added all Huebner part numbers and added curve 59035.
- Märklin H0 signals 7187 and 7188 added.

A versioning system for user objects is added. We noticed that some user objects needed a fix, and from this version on, when downloading new user objects, you might also find that some user objects are updated. Usually it is a typing error in the description or a missing part number.

Some people found that when installing an update while the old version was still running, the old version was not closed and restarted. We made some changes so that future updates procedures should work as intended.

The 'Guides' function on the SHOW tab shows the centers for the arcs of curves. This could be used when transferring a plan to your real train table. This function only used to work for flex track, but it is available for all curves now.

A few textual fixes have been made to the Swedish language file.


6.31.1 Solves an issue with Japanese filenames
6.31.2 Solves an issue when trying to save a user object
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Another great update!   Thank you, David.

I like the new guides for laying fixed radius curves with flexible track (very useful), and I look forward to smoother updates when the next version comes along.

(I took it to mean that the automatic closure and restart is fixed when updating from this version or from later versions since moving to this update from 6.30 still tripped up in the same way.)