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September 22, 2020, 11:27:39 am


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Baseboard to Track distance....

Started by NPDantic, June 30, 2020, 11:45:03 am

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 ::) Planning & designing my new N-Gauge Peco Streamline Flex-track, track on AnyRail a challenge as I've done it previously on AutoCad. I need some help with setting the distance from the side of the Board to 50mm (2")  ??? as well as where to set the baseboard size to 2.4x1.2m....


Hi NPDantic, :) N-gauge is TOO small for so I am HO, but the basis is the same, FILE > SETTINGs Tab will give you all your requirements - left to right - ORANGE TRIANGLE, LENGTH, WIDTH, GRID and so on.

For me and HO I have used in the Orange Triangle - mm, being metric here, with your 2.4m LENGTH = 2400, WIDTH = 1200, as for the SPACE from the EDGE, once you have done THE GRID = 500, there should further squares(25x25) of which you use as a guide, using 2 squares and place your Straights or Points, as I place a Straight from the side list,(I am using FLEXI) this will be place on the "Layout" and you just drag it to the POINT or Straight already there, once you have the 2 end coming close to each other a BLUE DOT will appear, your close enough to let it go.
You might want to change the GRID to 300, I am thinking 300 is = 2400x1200 better.
Saving the Diagram, I always rename mine
if for any reason I make a mistake or need to restart again, I go back to the earlier save.

Good Luck