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Started by Bugbear, August 07, 2020, 04:31:30 pm

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I'm new to Anyrail. I would like to kickstart the hobby again after quite a few years if I can sneak it past my wife!
After a hesitant start with Anyrail, I've developed a plan around the inside perimeter of my garden shed, aka home office.
I've designed it so it can be dismantled into around 11 small baseboards for easy transport to a new house when I downsize, maybe 10 years from now, assuming the kids do actually leave home.
Its a 2 level design and whilst I've got the gradients right, one issue I have is the design of the baseboard construction making sure the elevations primarily at the ends of each board match. Ideally i would like Anyrail to be able to provide a cut-away cross section of the 3D model to allow this to be done efficiently and accurately.
I could pay someone to make the boards, but i don't think that would get past my wife and i'm probably capable of doing it myself anyway. Has anyone got any tips.


Welcome to the AnyRail forum,

Posting the actual track plan with the track elevations at the interface points would help.
As far as the actual grades go I would leave a gap of 80mm (in H0) to be bridged by a piece of that length.

Have fun,eh!
Hans-Joerg Mueller
Coldstream, BC   Canada


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