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Mixing H0e and N Scale Track

Started by wimorrison, September 12, 2020, 10:20:30 PM

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I model in HOe and use Peco 009/H0e code 80 track but want to use some Peco Code 80 N Gauge Track in the layout I am planning but Anyrail doesn't let me join the 2 types of track together :(

In reality both tracks are identical in profile and gauge - can someone tell me how I can join a bit of Peco N Gauge Code 80 to some Peco HOe Code 80 track?


EDIT - I have just found that the problem is bigger than I initially thought as I don't seem to be able to mix Peco N Gauge Code 80 Set Track with Peco Streamline   N Gauge Code 80 track either. All of these can be mixed and matched within a layout therefore I think I should be allowed to mix and match them within Anyrail?

Fingers crossed it is an easy fix

Nick the Cabin Boy


You can mix Peco Streamline with Settrack - I do it all the time!

Go to the Settings tab, then Behaviour (far right). Check the box marked Allow mixed rails. Voila!

Actually, I just tried what you want - joined an ST-11 to an SL-E491, and it worked!


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