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October 24, 2020, 05:42:56 am


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Electrical sections

Started by Whitcan, October 08, 2020, 01:44:49 pm

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Hi,  Being new to AnyRail I have a quick question.  I have drawn out 5 layout boards for an exhibition fiddle yard and wanted to add electrical sections to aid wiring diagrammes and control panel production.  Is this possible with the programme?  I can see adding isolators, but I need full electrical breaks (e.g. between facing electrofrog turnouts).  Sections are mentioned but I don't think they are the same thing. 

Any help/guidance most welcome.


Nick the Nomad

Welcome to the madhouse!

Sections are what you want. First place all your isolators wherever you would put your plastic joiners, then select "Create section" and fill in the name, etc, and choose a colour. I colour all the sections on one controller the same colour, I also give them a number and name. I also use the Label facility to number and name all the points/turnouts/switches, so that I can create a list of all the switches I will need on my panel.

Hope this helps!

Nick the (ex) Nomad
Geelong, Victoria, Australia



Thanks for the steer.  I had tried something like that that didn't work but I have it now. 

It might be something in the terminology as well.  To me an isolator is a single rail break as opposed to a section break where both rails are broken - another learning opportunity!

You mentioned changing the colour of sections but I can't see how to do that.  Again any help gratefully received.



Nick the Nomad

Hi Paul,

Yes, having been "brought up" on Cyril Freezer's plans, I call them Isolating Sections and Breaks! There has been some discussion on the forum about having a single-rail isolator symbol, but no actual progress. I just use the isolator symbol, and set the Usage as "Stop" (which is what I generally use single rail breaks for anyway).

If you are creating a section, the choice of colours is one of the "things to do", top right in the ribbon. To change colour of an existing section, just click on a track component in the section, and you should see the same details in the same place. As I said, I tend to use a "standard" set of colours in my plans, then the positive wire for the track relects the section colour (so, yes, I plan on a standard coding of wires as well!).

I'm not sure what else to tell you at this point!


Formerly Cheam, Surrey