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October 24, 2020, 05:31:04 am


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Freight yard design for Diesel and Steam engines in N Scale

Started by Edgardo Alessio, October 17, 2020, 03:32:07 am

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Edgardo Alessio

October 17, 2020, 03:32:07 am Last Edit: October 17, 2020, 03:43:43 am by Edgardo Alessio
We´re four friend here (Argentina) traing to expand our N scale raildroad with a complex freight yard with diesel and steam engines facilities and some industries around the yard. I'm in charge of the preliminare design. My problem is the roundhouse. I asked my friends to eliminate the roundhouse in order to save space but... two of them are steams engines lovers and doesn´t want to erase such huge structure no matters what. I leve a screeshot of what I came up until now. We use Atlas code 55.

I should mention also that the design MUST be constructed on modules. This is another limitation in terms of "design freedom" because you have to accomodate all the tracks and structures acording to the modules sizes. All modules in the courrent layout are 60"x30". In order to make a decent freight yard I've broke this standar by adding two "oversized modules" of 72"x30". This modular construction is made in order to allow the future dismantle and tranportation of the layout. The roundhouse it´s a head pain. You can note, in few seconds, how easely those three upper modules could be eliminated... if my friends accepted to withdtaw that HUGE turntable and roundhouse from the layout. Nevertheless the design development must go on forward with the roundhouse included on it. I suppouse I will come up with an idea about how to make all the people involved happy. Cheers! (To view a large image, click on the icon. To view the full size image download the jpg file) Cheers.-


Maybe less roundhouse, move closer bottom of plan, change "mirror" design of yard. Attached an image for idea.