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Hello from Boston

Started by joedes3, February 23, 2008, 07:25:21 PM

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Bought an n scale that I want to put together for my granson.  Does anyone have any plans for a small layout?  I also bought an n scale trolley for the big kid (me)  Any plans or ideas?
Joe DeSisto


Hi Joe,

How old is the kid? If he's younger than 8 or so, I wouldn't make the plan too complicated. I think the best for them is to be able to let the train(s) run around.
If he's a bit older, he might be interested in a point to point design, so the trains runs from A to B and back, with passengers or cargo.

You can then create a mine at one end, and a factory at the other to give the train a reason to go back and forth.

Do you already have any ideas yourself about setting and era?

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