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How to run Anyrail from a Mac

Started by Elvis, November 06, 2020, 06:16:24 PM

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If your primary computer is a Mac and you want to run Anyrail, here is how I do it and love the results.

Short version: Get a used PC and use Jump Desktop to remote into the old PC. Used PCs are cheap (I had one, but I've seen better ones on eBay for less than $100). Jump Desktop is a one time charge and is well worth the investment. Remote Desktop in from your iPad, Mac, etc. from anywhere. Use something like OneDrive, DropBox, or even iCloud on the PC to sync your PC's data to your Mac via the cloud.

If someone is interested in more details, I'm happy to share the long version of how I did this. End result is I have a PC hidden away in a closet that is headless (no monitor, mouse or keyboard) and I can run it from my Mac using Jump Desktop. I can update it, reboot it, etc. all from my Mac.

I run Anyrail on it, TrainPlayer, and many other "Windows only" apps on this computer. Works like a champ and my desk is uncluttered.


So basically there is no app or software that will run on a MACbook?


I primarily use AnyRail on a Dell desktop - but also on my iMac 5K when I want to see the layout at a higher resolution than 1920*1080 - iMac goes up to a staggering 5120*2880.  I use a copy of VMware Fusion 12 Player ( which allows Windows to run as a virtual machine on top of MacOS - its free if you create an account with VMware.  You will need to either clone your Windows machine with AnyRail installed (adhering to M$ licencing, of course) or do a fresh install on Windows within Fusion Player and then load AnyRail within the Windows VM.  You might get clever and use 'Unity Mode' which will show the AnyRail app directly within MacOS (but in reality it is still running under Windows.  Just a clever trick from VMware).