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How to copy layout files to thumbdrive

Started by MJCoppage, November 06, 2020, 08:51:45 PM

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I have created about 35 layouts using AnyRail. Where do I find them on Windows 8.1 so I can copy them to new computer. Would hate to do them one by one. Don't know what I like most, creating new layouts on AnyRail, or running trains on them using TrainPlayer.

Mike Coppage,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Vic A

Hello Mike,

Welcome to AnyRail and greetings from KCMO.

I have a little trouble keeping track of my drawings but typically find them with a "Save As".

If you download an AR file from the forum, it usually ends up in your "Downloads" folder.  Otherwise, the .any files are saved in your "Documents" file somewhere or a sub-folder of "Documents".

Hope this helps!

Vic (in KC).