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December 04, 2020, 04:22:55 pm


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Kibri 7226

Started by Lucidor, November 17, 2020, 03:36:05 am

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I have Kibri "Schottenwerk" 7226 in my possession and want to use it as an USA model, something I can do without any major kit-bashing.

I do however need it to be available in Any Rail.

Is there anybody out there who have done, or can do, this model for Any Rail?



Hi, I don't have your model in AnyRail, but I have used a workaround that works for me. Essentially you create a placeholder with the right size and image and use that instead. Here is how:

1) Create a new AnyRail file where you will define your own model objects. I call my file "MyObjects.any"
2) Find the dimensions of your object. Go to Insert tab and in the Add Rectangle section type in the footprint dimensions.
3) Click Add Rectangle and place it on your canvas of the MyObjects.any model file. This will create an empty rectangle. For more complicated structures, you can instead do Add Surface.
4) Double click the rectangle on the canvas. This will bring up the Surfaces tab.
5) Click Load Image and load an image of your object to represent your model. The rectangle should now have an image of your object.
6) When you are done with the image, double click the object again so you get up the Surfaces tab.
7) Click Save as Object. This will bring up a dialog box with a bunch of fields for your object.
  7a) Select what category you want; I usually just pick Scenery. Select Scale.
  7b) Name your object. I name it the brand, name and maybe number for easy id, like "Kibri Schottenwerk".
  7c) For Manufacturer, you can either select an existing one, or you can create your own, like "Lucifer". I created
      my own to avoid any confusion, and also made it simpler to find and use my objects. You can later bring up a
      list with just your objects.
  7d) Add Part Number and Description
  7e) Click OK to add it to your User Objects Library
9) Close the MyObjects.any file and open your AnyRail file where you want to add your object.
10) Click on User Objects tab. Select your "Manufacturer". This is alphabetical, so find the group your object belong to.
11) Click on your wanted Manufacturer. This will bring up a pane with your newly created object.
12) Click your object and place it where you want it on your canvas. Voila - done!