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Started by Bobk14, November 17, 2020, 09:04:42 pm

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Hello fellow railroaders,
I've been model railroading for 45+ years and finally got around to building my first permanent layout about 5 years ago. I built some tables (2.5ftx8ft) and connected them together to lay some track and run trains to try out different track plans. Well that got old real quick, so I went out to the web to find track planning tools, and I came across AnyRail. I had tried other track planning software in the past and was disappointed in the HUGE learning curve (cad drawing type software). I was so impressed with AnyRail I purchased it within a few days, and starting creating my new permanent layout. I created the original version a few years ago and I recently went back and recreated it as I had done things inefficiently. The new version is below. I'm still working on adding structures and scenery to the drawing, so it is still a living document. I hope you find it interesting to look at. Please post any comments or suggestions. As you can tell, I enjoy lots of track.


Be sure to check out the different layers that I have for Walls, benchwork, wiring, table top, track, structures, scenery and hidden track.