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Started by Fuser, November 24, 2020, 09:30:15 PM

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I'm considering purchasing Anyrail cause it has a lot of oppurtunities. Now I'm wondering if there is an option to let the program find the shortest way/track between 2 ending points.

Thanks in advance!


No, this function does not exist.

The problem is that with sectional track there is hardly ever a truly fitting solution when you're not strictly following the manufacturer's geometry.

Also, the solution is usually not to use a series of very short filler track pieces or wild curves, as this might be a source of derailments.

The best solution is to use a bit of flex track if the track system has it, or use the natural play in the track (wiggle room) to span slight gaps.
David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.


I would agree that the easiest is to use some kind of flex-track.  I am unsure whether Fuser has tried this in AnyRail.  One of the great features is to take a piece of flex-track, connect it at one end to the existing layout.  Then take the other end and place it where needed.  AnyRail will treat it as elastic, allowing it to be longer than the actual available track if required.  You can then bend the track at will by using the "control points" that AnyRail uses with flex.  You can also simply use AnyRail's "Smooth" function with that piece of track and AnyRail will find a very nice curve to help the track fit.  This also works with S curves.  You can then use the minimum radii display settings to allow AnyRail to show if the curve is perhaps too tight, and you can then often make some further manual adjustment to the control points to open out the tighter radii.       


Thanks for the answers. Well I'm working with C-rails of Märklin, so that's a bit difficult to use a flexrail. But some puzzling will do it for now ;)