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March 02, 2021, 12:40:20 pm


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First Track Plan Attempt! Replica of Hither Green to Grove Park ~ Comments

Started by TrickyZXR, February 17, 2021, 10:39:04 pm

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Hi All,

After some work of getting Google Earth images to scale, thanks to help from @BadBanna, I have managed to the best of my ability to get a layout as close to as I can. It was over 5m long so have removed some sections to shorten it without losing replication as much as I could. Anyway was just wondering if anyone can provide constructive critic or suggestions / comments please.

Well here goes "all aboard"!!!Hither Green Reduced v2.02 CAD Background.any


Uhm that is what I am just looking at. According to my calcs it is over 41m long!!! So probably not LOL! Have scaled down a bit and got it to 11m but still to long. Trying not to lose authenticity but don't think much choice in the matter.

I can cope with around 5m / 16ft. Also quantities bit extreme in that it is using 455 x R600's!

Bit ambitious for first layout one thinks. Any non obvious suggestions please? Thank you.