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Bug in buffers?

Started by magnus, March 14, 2021, 09:27:58 PM

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When I add a Fleischmann Profi 6117 Buffer stop to my layout, I only get the Objects tab, not the Track tab. That means I cannot set the part as Hidden, which means it will show up outside a tunnel in 3D, see picture.


I added some pictures showing this bug.


And here is a .any file that shows the bug. Track element 6117 (buffer) can not be set to hidden, so it protrudes the tunnel in 3D view.

Buffer Bug_3D.jpg


I am not sure I would call it a bug - it's more like a limitation in the data libraries.  I see the same issue with Märklin Z gauge, for example.  Buffers currently do not have the same set of properties that apply to regular track, not only "hidden" and some other on/off markers, but also other properties such as length, section, etc.  This may not be so easy to change in the database structure (I have no inside knowledge of how AnyRail works, but I can appreciate some of the complexities). 

One possibility - if David looks at this - could a buffer inherit some of the properties of the piece of track to which it is connected?  This database might not need to change, but the interpretation of the database in the software would allow buffers to be hidden, or sit on embankments, bridges, etc. if that attribute applied to the adjoining piece of track.