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KATO N-gauge layout designed with AnyRail and Actually built

Started by ekeefe, July 07, 2009, 04:28:33 PM

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First of all I would like to thank David and the AnyRail team for a wonderful program!

I would also like to thank David for adding the missing KATO track items I needed to complete this layout.

This is my N-Gauge train layout - Designed with AnyRail 3

All track is KATO with the exception of the turntable and the immediate tracks connected to it, which are TOMIX.

I used KATO snap-track adapters to mate the KATO track with the TOMIX track.

I built this layout to play with trains themselves. I do not plan to landscape it. The layout really serves no purpose other than allow me to run 5 independent trains and a trolley at the same time.

The layout is operated completely by hand, no DCC. The only automated section is the Trolley. I use DCC (NCE) on my HO layout.

The trolley is controlled by a small microcontroller board I built and programmed. The trolly has 3 stops, one at each end and one behind the station. The controller has the ability to allow up to 6 intermediate stops between the end-points.

One of my goals was to make every single rail somehow accessible from every other rail. This way I can have any complete train run on any main line.

The layout is "L" shaped. 10 feet on the long sides and 4 feet on the short sides.

The layout follows no prototype, as can be seen from the trains themselves. The track is basically Japanese in style. I have trains from Japan, Europe and the US.

I have 18 complete trains on this layout. Here is a list of them:

KATO Thalys
KATO series N700 bullet
KATO series 300 bullet
KATO Eurostar
KATO series 500 bullet
KATO Mt. Fuji Express (both trains)
KATO Keiyo line
KATO Saikyo line ("KATO train")
KATO Yamanote line
KATO Super-Ozora
KATO Southern Pacific "Morning Daylight" (Cars not on layout right now)
MICROACE Doraemon Undersea Train
MODEMO (Japanese trolley)
TOMIX EF-210 based Freight
TOMIX EH500 based freight

I have other locomotives that are stored on the turntable:
ATLAS (US) Freight stored on spurs
FLEISCHMANN (German) Freight stored on spurs
KATO (US RDC w/ internal camera)

Here are some photos of the completed layout.

If you have any questions, or would like to see more photos, just ask.



thanks for sharing. this is an awesome layout and i can appreciate just wanting a trackplan and layout w/out scenary to run as many trains as possible just for the fun of doing that. i admire your skills in powering the trolley. appreciate what you have have and commend you highly for completing it! also a great collection of trains/locomotive. peace, Gary L Lake Dillensnyder (G Lake Dylan)


So well done, thanks for posting and sharing... a huge inspiration!


Hi Ed,

I love your layout and just tried to download the .any file but it won't download. Not sure if the problem is my end or your end. Would you mind send a link to my email address.


@Rob:I removed your email address for privacy reasons.
The download did not work because the AnyRail files were on an external server.
I've now added the plans files as attachments for you to download.
David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.


Thx David,
Appreciate the help. As you can tell I'm new to any sort of posting, but learning fast.
I'd like contact Ed "ekeefe" outside the forum as I have a very similar collection of trains and track to him. In fact I'm going to try and replicate his layout so I could do with his guidance. Any suggestions on how we can make contact?
Cheers, Rob


You might be able to reach him by email if you click the envelope next to the post, or send a personal message by clicking the text balloon.
David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.