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May 18, 2021, 03:33:36 pm


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Layers Problems

Started by Lightning01, May 01, 2021, 02:34:26 pm

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I just started to try using layers &  watched Anyrail layers videos. When I set up my Layer names the way I want them, & then high light item ( track ) there is no drop-down list shown to select. I have click all around layers in the toolbar but no drop down appears. I must have a setting wrong, can anyone help.
Thanks in advance


If you select a piece of track, a tab named 'TRACK' appears.

On this tab, in the 'General' group, you'll find the 'Layer' function with a drop down box to select the target layer for the track item.

To manage your layers, open the HOME tab and click 'Layers'. A pane appears with your layers. Here you can add new layers, or show or hide them.
David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.


Thanks for reply David. I have done all that you say, but clicking all around both layer no drop down appears as they have done in all videos I have seen. I'm think maybe I should uninstall Anyrail & reinstall it again. I just noticed that File Tab only shows 3 track plans & there are none showing in Windows 10 documents & they were there before. Maybe I had a computer clitch I didn't see.


Reinstalling will not help. Could you please post your plan file (the file with extension '.any')?
David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.