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Can't register with new computer

Started by vvarady, May 22, 2021, 07:30:38 PM

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Did I enter the license uc/lc incorrectly?



Both the registered owner name that you enter and the license key must match the details sent to and received from David when you first bought your license, assuming that it is valid for the version that you are trying to install.

If there is any difference in either the name or the license key, or any difference in letter case, then the registration status will not be accepted by the program.  Only you and David (the author of AnyRail) can advise whether what you put in your post was correct.  However, I would suggest that you edit your post above to not make your license key public in this way.  If you need to send it to David for checking (if you lost the original email, for example), then you should only send it by email or by private message using the forum.