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Ribbon Stopped Displaying at Startup; Doesn't Auto Open When Track Selected

Started by RailTycoon, June 10, 2021, 01:51:15 AM

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Hi,  Thanks in advance for any assistance.  I am a recent user of AnyRail and have been using it for about 5 days.  Not sure why but as of just yesterday, when selecting a section of track the ribbon that was automatically dropping down no longer does so.  Also when I It does display the TOOLS/TRACK button but not the drop down ribbon.  I checked the user manual (Page 42) which states that.... "When you select something, the ribbon shows you what you can do with it and grays out any options that don't apply."  Every time I click a track to work on it I have to move the mouse up to the menu bar and select the category I want to use by clicking the TRACK button.  I've closed and restarted the program several times and it opens up the same with just the category line and no ribbon showing.  I cant find any info in the settings; on line; in the user manual or AnyRail website that helps me understand what's happened.  Any help is GREATLY appreciated.  Thank you!

SOLVED:  Hold the SHIFT key at the same time toy start the program and it reset the ribbon functions.  Saw this solution in a much older post. Would be great to see this in the user manual. YAH!!!