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Started by Nick the Cabin Boy, June 10, 2021, 07:23:57 AM

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Nick the Cabin Boy

I wonder if it would be possible/viable/worth doing to create a searchable catalogue of user-submitted items on the AR website. The user could select one or more items (perhaps put them in a cart), and then download just those items.
I envisage the situation as: I am looking for a drawing of, say, Metcalfe kit PN177. I don't have it in my current Metcalfe N folder. BUT, I can't find out whether one now exists, without downloading EVERY item there is and checking my resulting Metcalfe folder.
When one is on a data limit, the amount required to download every object, let alone the time, is to say the least off-putting.
I have done quite a few myself, but I'm not sure whether they are good enough to submit. Perhaps I'll try one of my recent efforts, and see what happens. If the worst comes to the worst, I'll draw my own PN177!

Cheers to all
 Nick no longer a nomad
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We've already removed some items that were very large due to an embedded image.
The size of the complete set is now about 15MB, so that shouldn't be too bad.

Our server is in Amsterdam, and here, from The Netherlands, it takes just over 2 minutes to download all items afresh.
I can imagine that downloading from down under takes a bit longer, but downloading the complete set only needs to be done once.

Once downloaded, from the USER OBJECTS tab, you can use the viewer. Open it, and click the 'Load' button to fetch all the user objects from your disk.

Next, type 'PN177' in the filter box, and you'll see that there are two versions of the terrace houses.
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