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June 19, 2021, 12:17:44 pm


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Started by Rick Ramsey, June 10, 2021, 04:18:24 pm

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Rick Ramsey


I am a retired BSEE with microprocessor design through mainframes. I received an Aurora HO set in my Uncle's White Elephant shop in South Bend, Indiana when I was quite young. I still have the set and so I am in the process of expanding it to make a four lane layout that can be run as a single car running through all four lanes, or two cars running through both sides, or four cars running in their own lane simultaneously. All of this on a 4'x8' plywood board.

I also collect Disney/Schuco Monorail tracks and trains. I would ideally like to incorporate them into the car layout but I am not convinced the monorail track will interfere with the sightline os the road track. Jury is still out.

Although I worked as an Electronics Engineer / Software QA Engineer for 30 years, I retired to following a calling of The Lord. I am now a Hospice Chaplain in Oregon. Some people say that is quite a change, I don't agree. I am still helping those around me, it is the subject and the people around me that have changed their needs from computer issues to life and "what happens when I die" types of issues. But they still need someone to listen.

Rev Rick Ramsey