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June 19, 2021, 10:24:57 am


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Aurora HO Slot Car Layout

Started by Rick Ramsey, June 10, 2021, 04:35:00 pm

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Rick Ramsey


I received an Aurora HO set in my Uncle's White Elephant shop in South Bend, Indiana when I was quite young. I still have the set and so I am in the process of expanding it to make:
- a four lane layout that can be run as a single car running through all four lanes,
- or two cars running through both sides,
- or four cars running in their own lane simultaneously.

All of this on a 4'x8' plywood board.

This is still project in process. I am not completely happy with how to easily change from running a 1, 2 or 4 car setup, but I am getting closer. If I can get AnyRail to add a few more track options for Aurora, then I think I can finish the design and move to a physical setup stage for implementation.

Rev Rick


Hi Rick,

Just a couple of thoughts.

Your track plan is 154" x 77". It won't fit on 4'x 8' sheet of plywood...and it would be a long reach if a car jumps off the road.

All the curves are the same. I might be more interesting to mix in some large diameter, high speed curves and some longer straight sections.

If you really want this much track, you might consider elevating some of it, Woodland Scenics make 2-1/2" wide inclines and risers.

Good Racing.

MP 525.25 on the Prosser Subdivision of the North Kansas Division of the MOPAC Railroad.


Hey Rick,

Forget about the layout and move here. The Thermal Club
MP 525.25 on the Prosser Subdivision of the North Kansas Division of the MOPAC Railroad.