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Active layer remains locked by other layers

Started by amstilost, November 08, 2021, 12:52:03 AM

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In Anyrail6 I just finished copying a track plan but at some point during the process (several days) now the active layer I am on is locked by another or several other layers. I have a Mainline/Passing Sidings layer for the whole layout. Then I have each industrial area, 2 yards, and a diesel servicing area on different layers. When all layers are locked and I activate Mainline/Passing Siding layer and it is now the active layer, all tracks, turnouts and sidings are still locked when I highlight them. There is no 'Lock' icon on the staus bar indicating it is locked but when you highlight a piece of track the dot at the rotate centerpoint is red. I have gone through and made sure all the mainline/passing siding tracks are listed in the correct layer.Then if I unlock all of the other layers, sometimes Mainline/Passing Sidings remains locked and other times that unlocks it. Also, if I unlock a layer by itself it unlocks the active layer I am on. Is this something within the software or is this some kind of 'glitch'? I included the track plan. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.SantaFeSouthern.any


When you select a piece of track, the dot at the rotation control point remains red if any of the track on that layer is glued or if track on any other layer that it is connected is still locked.  The track on other layers (still locked) will not be allowed to move, but it would have to move if you were to rotate the piece of track on the unlocked layer.  The only other way to fully unlock that track would be to break its connections to track on layers that are still locked. 

Note that track (such as flex track) on an unlocked layer can be modified but not rotated while it is still connected even if other parts of the layout on other layers are still locked since that does not force track on the other layers to move.

To me this behaviour looks completely correct, and I wonder if you have perhaps slightly misunderstood the lock and its indicator when interactions with other layers are involved.

Nice layout too, by the  way.   


Thanks, I figured it was just a 'learning curve' issue.
I really liked this track plan out of Model Railroader "103 Realistic Trackplans". I have a little more room to 'play with' but only 3 walls. Thanks again for the quick reply.