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December 07, 2021, 10:20:04 pm


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My Fantasy Layout

Started by kiwi42, November 17, 2021, 07:49:03 am

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1. There was a WINDOW to allow you to REPOSITION the POINTS of a SURFACE more finely.

2. MY FLEXI TRACK is now YELLOW, but not the POINTS.

3. Is there a way to have the PLAN, FADED OUT or nearly invisible, but to still see, but to have ITEM NAMES on top

4. Has ANYRAIL got a limit as to how many TRACKs and POINTs, or it may be MY LOW LEVEL LAPTOP the needs to be DISKCLEANED OFTEN.



Hi Kiwi42, welcome to the group.

1. When you select a control point, you will see the X and Y position boxes. You can change them.

2. Under Settings, you have the "Alert on too sharp curves" selected. That portion of a flex track that is sharper than Minimum Radius 3 will be yellow...sharper than Minimum Radius 2 will be orange...sharper than Minimum Radius 1 will be red.

3. You can change the colors and the intensity in FILE/OPTIONS/COLORS. I don't know of an easier way.

4. I don't know what the limits are...but I know it's larger than what I need.

MP 525.25 on the Prosser Subdivision of the North Kansas Division of the MOPAC Railroad.