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Dimensioning (precisely) a rectangle

Started by DougD, February 12, 2022, 04:55:26 AM

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Is there a way to edit (type in) the dimensions of a rectangle once you have drawn it. It is tedious to manhandle the control points or use snap to grid.


Not at the moment.

The reason is that in many cases, there are more than 4 points in the surface, or it is not a proper rectangle at all.

You can however draw one edge while holding SHIFT to move the edge, or drag a point holding SHIFT to scale the rectangle/surface.
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Nick the Cabin Boy

I often find that the easiest solution is to simply delete and redraw!

Otherwise, I select the top left point of the rectangle and "Move Surface" to a point where x and y both end in "00". Then "Move Point" for each other point to give the side lengths I want, and finally "Move Surface" to its intended position. It's best to do it this way, rather than dragging the points, otherwise Snap to Grid can take over.

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