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track color - Problem solved.

Started by B and O Joe, March 15, 2022, 05:29:50 AM

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B and O Joe

I was working on elevations and not really paying attention to other things when I noticed that all of my track is now a tan color.  I did not set these into a section and the color setting for track is still the standard gray. All of the turnouts are still gray. Any ideas what I did?


It would be helpful if you posted a picture or even better an Anyrail file which shows the problem. I'm guessing it is related to Sections and isolators you have added or removed, but I'm just guessing based on your text description. Elevations will not change colors in AnyRail.

B and O Joe

Thanks for the interest in my post.  The AnyRailfile is attached.layout plan 14 031622.any

B and O Joe

WoW!!!  I was experimenting with my problem.  I dragged in a new section of straight flex track and it came in as the offending brown color.  So I figured this problem has nothing to do with "sections" as I had not attached this straight track to any of my existing sections on the track plan.  I then started selecting other pull down menus to see if I could figure it out.  I clicked on the languages menu and then closed it.  Then POOFFF, the color of all of my track changed back to the standard grey color.  I do not know if this is a minor glitch in the software or user error on my part.  Probably my fault.  Anyway, the problem is fixed!!


Yes it is weird; I looked at your file too. What I found:
1) The flex track, but not the other track (see 3), has in fact a yellow border on black. It just looks brown in low resolution. You can clearly see this if you zoom in closely. The yellow line stays very thin, but the black line grows significantly see picture.
2) There are some yellow lines (center) from Flex tracks violating the Min Radius. You can see this if you go to Settings and toggle the "Alert on too sharp curves.
3) The track element in HO Peco SL-8356 looks very yellow in the track tool box. If you place it on the canvas it's even more yellow. I wonder if there is a definition of the tracks that includes yellow, whether by mistake or intentional.

But it's strange it comes and goes as you do changes. Seems like something @David and the dev team can look closer at unless I'm missing something.


In the plan, 'Search' is active. This function can be found on the HOME tab.
You're searching for SL-8300 flex track. So all the flex track pieces with this part number are highlighted.
Untick 'Active' in the Search group on the HOME tab to make the highlight go away.
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