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"Append" function

Started by AM Rail, October 03, 2023, 04:42:10 AM

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AM Rail

Perhaps this already exists and I just don't know how to activate it, but creating layouts would be SO MUCH FASTER if the option to "append" pieces to a previously laid piece existed. I believe SCARM does this.

Literally all this does is add the next piece you click to the end of the previous one, so you can just click pieces and they will self-attach in a linear fashion. Turnouts would append to the straight unless your next manual add was to the diverging.

It is awfully time consuming to have to manually attach each and every single piece you add when you're adding hundreds of pieces, often times like a dozen straights in a row. The existing behavior of clicking pieces multiple times and the program just scattering them randomly on the workspace is fairly useless. The paste function adding pieces to the cursor location is better, but you still have to manually connect everything which is a chore.


That function exists. Hold SHIFT while clicking the piece in the library.
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