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Hi! I am new to this forum and need some advice

Started by NateB, May 09, 2022, 06:25:09 PM

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This has probably been discussed many times but since I am new here, I'll start a thread.

I am having trouble designing an HO layout in AnyRail using Atlas track. Nothing seems to line up.  The 18 and 22 inch curves never match the Atlas plans.  In the Atlas Track Planning Software, everything does seem to work but I  would really rather use AnyRail.

In the past I have designed and built an N scale layout using Kato Unitrack and it all worked great in AnyRail. There were some minor misconnections but nothing consequential- unlike Altas HO which is way off.

I have been attempting to construct in AnyRail some of the classic Atlas layouts for my consideration and modification but I keep running into the same problems with the curves.  I would probably build using as much flex track as possible but I want to use sectional track in AnyRail for design purposes.

Atlas claims their designs are all tested. I do understand that in real life the track has some flexibility but again, the alignments are way off.  AnyRail, I believe claims that the track objects are accurate. I have checked my work over and over again, so where does the problem exist? Is it just the Imperial system?

Appreciate any advice. Thank you!



The track definitions in AnyRail are correct. The Atlas plans are mostly hand drawn, and to make them fit, you'll need to cheat. In general, creating a small kink in a connection will  result in a big difference further along the stretch of track. The trick is to find the places where to create these kinks.

Here is a video on how this works in general:

Imperfect connections

If you already have something, feel free to post your attempt in the Track plans section, and probably you'll get some advice.
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