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Completed HO Track Plan, includes framework and switch locations

Started by B and O Joe, May 11, 2022, 05:36:36 AM

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B and O Joe

Well my son is finally moving into his own place so my "train room" will soon be empty of his furniture and other earthly belongings.  I spent many an hour working on my dream HO scale layout plan Final 051022.anylayout using this fabulous AnyRail program.  I would appreciate any comments from the many experts on this forum.  Thanks in advance.


Hi and congrats on reclaiming the room! Nice work on the layout - I like a lot! But...

* Reach is over 30" on the long peninsula. I think that will be a stretch ;-). I try to limit mine to 24"
* I don't see a drill track on the main yard on the peninsula. I think you need one to avoid disrupting the main line.
* I assume you want double main line, where each line goes mainly in opposite direction, and trains running on the right side? If so, the cement co, gravel, and coal yard have spurs in the "wrong" direction. Will be difficult to spot those.
* I only see 2 stations, perhaps one more?
* No staging yard?
* You have some S curves on the right peninsula. Since you are using flex track, make a tangent longer than your longest car.
* You pass through the same scenery twice in one round.
* Instead of a folded dogbone, perhaps a lift out bridge design instead to save space?

Edgardo Alessio

B and O Joe

Thank you Magnus on your prompt and insightful comments.  It will take me a little bit to incorporate your comments.  You are correct in that I want to run one train east and one west at the same time.  Since I am a newbie I want to run trains round and round versus switching.  I tried to set my plan up to do both running and  switching.  Thank uou so much for taking the time to comment on my layout.

B and O Joe

I know, right?  This software is amazing and easy to use. My plan is far from perfect but is was sure fun to do.  Thanks for your comments.