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Started by dscrockett, April 19, 2022, 03:07:56 PM

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Dave: I assume this function should show the scale of the track on each track segment, i.e. O-36, O-48 etc.? My label function does not work. Any idea why? Thank you, dscrockett


If you attach your layout we can see what you have or have not done when adding labels.  Otherwise, we are just guessing, and that tends not to work so well.  However, my only guess, based on what you wrote is that you have not actually added any labels, since you say that you assume that the scale of a track segment will be shown. 

Labels are optionally applied by the user as needed to individual track elements.  They are shown on the layout if enabled in the Show options.  They appear in the List of Labels whether enabled for Show or not.


Hey, Dave, thanks for your reply. My interpretation of the label function is to label the scale of the track as shown in the attached file. In any event, that's what I would like to do, if possible.


That was not me responding first!

Labels can be set by the user, for instance to number turnouts: T1, T2, etc.
Of course you can set the label to anything you like. It's the field you can fill in on the top menu when you select a piece of track.

What you want is probably something else, some sort of short description. Some track systems have 'codes', such as Piko or Kato. These are not part numbers, but short descriptions that are easy to recognize, such as 'S248' for a 248mm long straight. You can switch these on on the SHOW tab.

For Lionel this does not exist.
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Two comments, if I may...

1 - Dave has just answered...  I am not Dave, I am just another user like you (real name is Les), but perhaps a bit more experienced than you with AnyRail.   ;)

2 - To apply those kinds of labels, you simply select each piece that you want to label, one at a time, and in the menu that is shown there is a box into which you type the label text that you want.

Hopefully with Dave's reply and mine you can figure out what you need to do.