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[BETA Win11] Heads up, version 6.43 and 6.44 cannot install

Started by donald23, May 14, 2022, 09:34:22 PM

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Hey, mostly to give a heads-up (as I expect these kinds of issues with the OS I'm running):

With the current Windows 11 Insider Build (22621), version 6.43 and 6.44 cannot be installed. With a previous Win11 build it said the Windows Installer wasn't available. With the current build it just says that the installation was prematurely aborted...

I'm using all default paths and options.

Other applications (games and office) install just fine. Perhaps something to keep an eye on.

2022-05-14 21_32_58-AnyRail6 Setup.png



We always test with an up to date Windows 11 machine, so I expect we will catch such problems before release.

David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.