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Creating sections grabbing nearby track.

Started by GandyDancer, June 11, 2022, 12:22:02 AM

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This is probably 'Pilot error' but....I'm trying to add sections to a completed Anyrail 6 drawing. As I select individual track, turnouts, and flex track, the selection will intrude on another area on the drawing that should not be part of the attempted creation. In fact it will jump into an existing block, and cause it to be a secondary problem. Isolaters are correctly placed, and it looks like it should work, but it doesn't. Do I have to 'block' out the unwanted track somehow from being 'adopted' by my selection?


Sorry, this is Pilot error!  However, I'm still having a problem with trying to remove an isolater.  I have 'removed' the section. DELETED two lengths of flex track, no matter what combination of adds and subtracts, the isolater keeps returning to the joint, and I can't remove or delete it.


Most likely, the isolator is appearing because the joint is between two track sections which have different names. 

When you connect any new track to a named section it will assume the same name as that section.  An isolator is required of two sections being joined have different names and AnyRail will add that in automatically.

If you select a track piece from one side or the other and then click "Remove sections", the section name and colouring for that section will be removed but the track will remain in place.  Then, when you complete adding new track, it will eventually join up with the name of the other section where the name was not removed without needing to add an isolator.