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Not sure if I have all the new User Objects available

Started by johnknoblauch, June 12, 2022, 09:00:18 PM

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I am using version 6.44.0 of Anyrail and attempted to update my library of user objects.  The process looked like it downloaded some new items but I still question if all the available items were saved. 

I have been watching a You Tuber with instructional video on Anyrail 6 and one of his videos referred to the - library object, which I have available when selecting the User Objects tab.  My question is regarding the list of items in the - library.  I only have the HO box selected in the Track and Objects section of the Libraries area in the Options menu.  When viewing the - User Object I show only one item in that library and in the video, there are many objects for him to select.

I have restarted the program after attempting the update and I with no luck.  Is there something I should do to make sure I download all the available objects in the HO library?

Thanks for your help.


If you start a download, you'll see a list of the newly downloaded (and stored) objects.
In the viewer, after clicking the 'Load' button, you'll see a list of all the available items (for the scales you have active).
To use the objects, open the object library. When there are a lot of manufacturers for a certain scale, you'll see that you first have to select the manufacturer from a list.
For instance, for H0, you'll probably see 'AHM...Campbell Scale Models'. If you click that, the full list of all the manufacturers alphabetically in that range appears.

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