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Started by kiwi42, July 24, 2022, 01:13:35 AM

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My Club is in the process of building a NEW LAYOUT, the Attached File is of the Layout, there is some LAYERS by someone else and also some out of curved track, some Height Issues and the HAND OF GOD will needed, but we are getting these problems.

There is about 5-6 running Circuits and DCC and DC. The RED TRACK is on a DCC Circuit.

Our Main Problem is REVERSING LOOPS - I have tried placing ISOLATORS at most POINT or their CONNECTION OF THE RED TRACK

1. If and when we get everything right and the isolators in place will the RED disappear.
2. Is there a RIGHT or WRONG way to place THESE ISOLATORS.

THANKS for your time

Baldwin Park-new v5 22-07-20(2) (2).any


Nice plan!

The red will not disappear in the drawing when you add isolators. As these are not yet defined to be one rail or two rail, AnyRail cannot decide if this resolves the reverse loop. You can simply disconnect track though (right-click on the connector and select 'Disconnect'.

There are several ways to resolve a reverse loop technically and several products are available with their own specifications. These options only work with digital control (DCC).

- Some rely on quickly reversing the polarity when detecting a short.

- Others detect an incoming train and ensure the polarity is correct by switching the polarity if necessary. When the train is fully in the main section, they swap the polarity again so the train exits the loop without causing a short.

For both solutions the main section of the reverse loop needs to be longer than the longest train. Otherwise the metal wheels will cause a short.
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will take this to Club tomorrow