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Labels - intended use, where/what they are

Started by GraGoNorth, February 18, 2022, 04:04:36 AM

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Hi. I've looked through the help and hunted through the forums for help with "Labels", but I haven't found any mention of them. I see where you can show a "List of Labels", I just can't find a way to create them. I thought I had read earlier that you can somehow designate turnouts. Is that an intended use of labels? All I've been able to do is to add text to the track layout near a turnout to show its "label", but that's just text. Would someone please provide some insight on this feature? Thanks!


If you select a track element, you can set the 'Label' on the TRACK tab. It's indeed intended to number your turnouts, but you can use it for whatever you want.
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Ahhh, ok. I didn't see it hiding up there. Thanks, David.


LABELS - I wish it was as easy for me doing the CLUB LAYOUT Point numbers, still trying for LAYERS, more lessons soon