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New Oldtimer

Started by cgpiper, September 20, 2022, 06:38:22 AM

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I've been playing around with N scale for many years but never really got serious about it and just had a small layout that was given to me years ago. I'm starting to build a 20'x 20' train room (actually converting a small outbuilding) and I want to get a little experience with a "starter" layout. So, I'm finishing up a simple 4'x 8' table and want to lay a basic track plan down that will allow me to test and run my small amount of DCC gear. I'm thinking of laying down a lot of Atlas 80 track that I've had forever rather than getting into more versatile flextrack,  just to get things going.

To that end, I've been reviewing all the neat plans that you guys have submitted and also looking at older N-scale books and magazines for ideas. For this startup I really want to avoid bridges/tunnels and just have a flat layout so that I can focus on the basic of running the units. When I get the room setup I plan to get a little more adventurous.

If anyone would like to point out some of these basic starter layouts, I'll be much appreciative.


Oh... located near Sacramento, California.

Bill (cgpiper)