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AnyRail 6 running under FreeBSD using Wine

Started by TrainzLuvr, October 28, 2022, 04:47:41 AM

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I was bored tonight and also just recently installed FreeBSD to play with, soooooo...


This is running with stock Wine under FreeBSD, but I do not see why it would not run under Linux or Mac. Just needs a bunch of other things installed.

Can't say how stable it is though, have not really played much with it.
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We've experienced that some combinations of AnyRail and Linux+Wine work well, while others don't, and there are just too many combinations to test them all.

We have mainly seen problems in the user interface, with weird fonts, big frames around windows, etcetera. We've not seen the program crash internally, or corrupted plan files.

I'm glad to hear that it functions in this case!
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Yes, I noticed that some fonts did not reproduce, but that might be because I did not have the actual needed fonts installed, or just that some DLLs were not in "native" mode perhaps.

I think it would be possible to create a pre-configured package that would deploy Wine for GNU/Linux and Mac, which could in turn install AnyRail from the .msi file into that prefix for use.

Obviously, it would carry no support but at least open up additional possibilites for users on these platforms.
Website: Trains Luvr
YouTube channel: Trainz Luvr