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A couple of questions?

Started by Oldbloke, October 17, 2022, 02:23:29 PM

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Hello, a quick couple of questions if I may? Hopefully they are not to dumb?

1. Is it possible to align objects on the plan? I find it difficult to align some street plan objects and the finish looks untidy.

2. When downloading user objects, is it possible to set a filter so you only get the gauge you want? In my case N gauge.

Many thanks in advance



You can use the 'Snap to grid' (from the SETTINGS tab) to help positioning things.
The left top corner of the object will be the point of reference for a user object.

It's not possible to filter out when downloading, but you can hide all other gauges via FILE/Options/Libraries
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If you are trying to align like objects, say a group of houses, you can select them all and then enter the x or y co-ordinate in the ribbon. The top left corners will then all be on that line. For a diagonal alignment, do this, and, while they are still all selected, rotate them. Then you can use the arrow and shift-arrow keys to move them to their final position.

This also works for text, if you're as OCD as I am about things lining up!

Works for me!


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Thanks Gents, most informative