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Transfer track centerline to after laying out printout of layout on benchwork

Started by artf, November 30, 2022, 09:18:37 PM

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So I have laid out the full scale printout of the layout on the benchwork.  What is the best way to now transfer the actual track centerline to the benchwork so I can then remove the paper layout and begin to secure my track to the benchwork. I already painted the benchowrk top a dark color so pen or pencil marks will not show very well.

Any ideas or thoughts? How have others tackled this issue?


Nick the Cabin Boy

Try tracing the centreline with a ball-point pen, pressing hard. You should finish up with a groove in the surface of your board.

If you are pinning your track, rather than glueing in, put the pins in half way, then tear the printout away from under the track (unless you need to keep it!), then complete the pinning.


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You can use one of these, used in sewing. Any sewing shop will have them, they're used to transfer clothing patterns.
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Another gift from the world of sewing is the white fabric marking pencil, which I think is a kind of grease pencil.

Another possible solution that will show up on a dark painted surface is a silver metallic permanent marker, like those made by Sharpie.

These assume you can somehow mark the table through the template.

Another option is to use a spring-loaded nail-set. You put the point on the line, and press until the tool "pops"... repeat along the trace and you have a series of distinct dents to follow.


we print full size 1:1 prints for all the railroads we build and also for our design clients and others. The easiest way is to glue the entire print down, glue the roadbed right over the plan. There is no need to remove the excess paper as you will be building your railroad directly over it anyway...think of it as building the railroad like a paint by number painting.