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Ruler measurement inaccuracy

Started by TrainzLuvr, December 05, 2022, 03:48:50 AM

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I have two curves on my peninsula. Smaller is 24" radius and larger is 28" radius, as seen in the screen grabs below, but the ruler shows 3.5" center-to-center distance.

capture1.jpg capture2.jpg 

Somebody is lying...

Why is this happening and what should I believe: the curve radius, or the ruler? After all, if the ruler is broken then everything it measures is broken... :'(

This is mind boggling to me that I've only noticed this now, after using AR for years.  :o
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And to correct myself, I went to double-check this again and realized that these two curves were not created using Add Parallel Flex.

Because the adjacent curves to the 28" are 27.75" and so the distance between the 28" and 24" is thus shorter because of the shorter radius of the curves adjacent to the 28" one.

I guess I should shut down for the night and take a break. Been staring at this for too long...
Website: Trains Luvr
YouTube channel: Trainz Luvr


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