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TIP: Simulating tabletop thickness in 3D view

Started by TurtleZero, January 04, 2023, 02:57:53 PM

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One way to improve the current 3D view is to add visible thickness to your tabletop.

  • Draw your tabletop shape using the surface tools. Set your colors, etc.
  • Check the "tabletop", "background", and "height contour" checkboxes. They should all be "on".
  • Copy then paste the platform shape, then move it to the exact same location.
  • Click "Send to back" on the copy
  • Set the height of the copy to -1 inch or -25 mm (or whatever thickness you want).

In the 3D view, AnyRail will now add sides to the platform, giving the appearance of thickness to your tabletop. Enjoy!