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Minitrix R2a radius 0,1mm off

Started by VictorPM, January 14, 2023, 04:35:30 PM

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I just noticed that in Anyrail, one of the newer Minitrix curves, R2a (14910) is 0,1 mm too large.
In Anyrail it's 261,9 mm... but logically it should be exactly between R2 (14922) and R2b (14920), so 228,2 mm + 33,6 = 261,8 mm. Add 33,6 mm again and you got R2b, 295,4 mm.

And it is 261,8 mm according to Trix themselves, see

Greetings, Victor

P.S. edit: the Fleischmann N (ex-Roco) counterpart 22223 (which existed from the beginning of Roco N) has the right radius, 261,8 mm.


You are correct. We'll fix it in the next update. Thanks!
David Hoogvorst. Founder and Owner of DRail Software. Creator of AnyRail.


"You're welcome", zeggen we dan  ;)

Makes me wonder though... why didn't you just copy-paste the Fleischmann N 22223?

Edit: Oh I see, in the "show sleepers" mode the tracks of the two brands look totally different.