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Round the room layout

Started by gem629, January 16, 2023, 11:43:19 PM

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I am hoping someone out there can help me. I am trying to draw a around the room layout. I am trying to draw the walls for the room but I can't get them to have any width, and I can't seem to keep the baseboard connected to the single line on the screen. Any help would greatly appreciated. gem629


I assume you have started by adjusting the settings for the entire footprint that you need to model.  There is a place to select the measurement system, the length and width of the area and grid.  If you have a rectangular room to place the layout in, I would use the interior dimensions as your length and width.
I didn't try to capture the wall thickness. However, you should be able to do that by inserting a surface that captures the perimeter of the walls. I made shapes for where the doors swing into the room. once you make the shapes "glue" them in place so you don't accidentally move them. I use different layers for the room baseboard and track, so I can turn them on or off to see only what I am working on. I have found the online manuals helpful as well.


To create thicker walls, you can also increase the line width.
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