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Bumpers - most hidden?

Started by mahnud, January 17, 2023, 01:30:10 PM

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Using Atlas Code 83, four of the seven bumpers I have added to my layout plan are hidden under the track and three show on top of the track, on screen.  The same are hidden and visible when printed. I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thank you.


This can be annoying until you understand it, but then it becomes trivial.  AnyRail places the bumpers and the tracks they are joined to at the same height, so initially they may appear in any order of apparent height based on when they were added to the layout.  To fix this, simply select each bumper, but not the track pieces they are connected to (disconnect first if it's easier) and click on Bring to Front on the tool bar (ribbon).  They will remain visibly in front of the track even when reconnected.   


Thank you very much for the reply. It worked. I had tried deleting and replacing both the bumpers and the track previously, to no avail.  Thanks again.