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New on so many levels

Started by Old Kent Biker, January 22, 2023, 06:02:18 PM

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Old Kent Biker

"Old Kent Biker" here. Approaching retirement, enjoying two-wheel transport, and living in Kent, hence the name!

A long-time Narrow Gauge enthusiast, I support the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway in North Devon (obviously, seeing where I live) and have previously modelled in 00-9 and O-16 (and dabbled in SM-32).

With last year's TT 1:120 announcements from Hornby and Peco, I am encouraged to build (well, plan at least) an 8'-ish by 2' standard gauge layout - a "typical" preserved branch line terminus, but incorporating an Inglenook shunting game. possibly a little influenced by the not-too-distant Tenterden Town station on the KESR.

"Darfton Lacey Fuels" seems like a suitably appropriate name for the location of my endeavours...
Thanks to all,



I suspect your humour went over a few heads.   ;)   Many users on here are not from the UK and may not understand the slightly skewed spelling / pronunciation.  I think I got it (but I'm in Cambridgeshire, so anything's possible).  For what it's worth, my current layout plan is a mixture of inspiration from the UK, Germany and Taiwan.

Any more questions, please just ask.