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Should adding isolators to track remove detection of reversing loop?

Started by gcollins, February 02, 2023, 06:33:24 AM

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Hi everyone. I've been using AR for a few years now and trying to get back in model railroading and I just have a question on AR v6 and track isolation.

If AR detects a reverse loop and places the red dotted line in the layout where there is a possible reverse loop and you add isolators to sections of track in that loop, should AR not remove the detection because you've isolated that portion? I'm running 6.50.2.

Or do I have it wrong how track isolators when designing a layout.




Track isolators in AnyRail serve to separate one section from the next.  Without them, you would only be able to have a single section defined in the layout.  They do not change the fact that a reversing loop is still a reversing loop.  As I understand it the purpose of showing reversing loops is to identify when they are present so that appropriate measures can be taken when building the layout, such as including auto-reverser hardware.  In this regard the feature is probably most helpful to newcomers who may not be aware if they have accidentally created a reversing loop.


BadBanana, thank you for the information. I appreciate it.