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New member introduction - dlusicic

Started by dlusicic, February 03, 2023, 11:04:55 AM

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Hello everyone,
I am a new member of the forum. I've been having fun with model railways since I was little. That's a lot of years. Now that I am retired, I have a lot of free time. During my working life, my wife, daughter and I built a house and designated areas for hobbies. So my wife has a space for painting, my daughter entertains the dogs around the house, and I want to make a small N scale layout in the designated corner. It is in the shape of the letter L, with the length of one arm 3m and the other 2m. The width is small, only 65 cm. Since it is on two levels, the upper one is 3m long and 65cm wide (there is no other leg of the letter L. In that space I managed to cram a lot of things: the main station with a yard and a port. On the upper level are a mine, a sawmill with several additional industries, e.g. . brewery and logging camp. The levels are connected by a helix. Through the Internet and literature I found layouts with content that was interesting to me. Then it was relatively easy to copy-paste with the necessary adjustments. I have several different programs for drawing layouts Cadrail, 3rd Panit and AnyRail. I created the plan for the model on AnyRail. Using AnyRail, I ran into a problem that I could not solve. Namely, when the layout is displayed in 3D view, a rail appears that is not visible anywhere on the desktop. Analyzing the problem, I found that the rail is outside the working area surface. I don't understand how the rail could even be displayed there. If you can't get to it then how do you delete it. Does anyone have any ideas?



If you zoom out very far, do still not see it?
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Nick the Cabin Boy

Use the Search function to search for each item until you hit the "rogue" part number. All the parts of any number will be highlighted, so the rogue one will show up.

AS David says, you may simply find it by zooming out, but my idea could be an alternative.


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David, Nick
Thanks for the instructions. David, I tried zooming out - it didn't appear. Nick, I tried it - it shows all the rails on the desktop, but not this one outside the desktop.
I'm thinking how that could happen. Probably during work I pulled two rails so that one went outside the work surface and the other was partially visible. Then I continued to arrange the rails according to the plan and after that I saw the one that was partially visible, marked it and deleted it. The second one, connected to this one, remained outside the desktop (under the icon menu).
General. I don't mind seeing it in 3D. I was wondering if there is a command in the program, after the design is finished, that selects and deletes all rails that are not connected to anything (orphans). One of the programs that I used earlier has such a command. I don't remember which one. Maybe build such an option into the program, if possible. That's up to you David.


One trick you can apply, when well zoomed out, is to select a large rectangular area that does not overlap you layout area.  Any track or other items in that area should be highlighted and then be able to be deleted.  You can do this several times (above, below, left, right) if needed. 

There is a way that track can be visible in 3D but not on the layout.  That is if the track piece is outside the displayable height limits in the Show options.  I just tried this with a track piece I had set to height -100 for example.  It was invisible in the layout but was certainly there in the 3D view.  So make sure that the Show limits are set very wide - even as much as -1000 to +1000, depending on where the track appears in 3D space.

One last option is to post the layout here so we can take a look to see if something else is misbehaving.


BadBanana, how to insert anyrail file to post? I see insertion Youtube, image, link, mail, table. There is no file.


When you reply, below the reply box, there is a button call ADD FILES

Use that to navigate to your .any file that was saved by AnyRail.  Select it, then click the Upload button that appears.

See the image that I have attached to this post.


BadBanana, what do you think, should I put the plan here or in the Track Plans section.


I would always recommend starting a new thread for a new discussion.  It's the best way to get more eyes on any question that you might raise, and if you have a further but distinctly different question after that then start another new thread.  That approach makes it easier for anyone following a discussion to see what the outcome was, and also helps anyone reading through the forum who may be following a search for a particular topic. 


BedBanana, plan is downloaded in section Track plans.