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Converting Track Plans From HO to N Scale

Started by BundyBill, February 09, 2023, 08:09:11 AM

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Hi All,

I'm a newbie to AnyRail and thus far I'm enjoying it immensely. I've had a go at a HO track plan and even though I'm happy with it, I was wondering if AnyRail can automatically convert HO plans into N scale. Reason I ask is I'm interested in seeing what difference in available room on the baseboard the N scale would have compared to the HO. It would obviously mean I could get more things into the layout. I'm not adverse to redrawing in N scale, good practice, but thought, why reinvent the wheel.
Thanks in advance.




AnyRail cannot do what you ask (it is quite a complex challenge).  The primary difficulty with rescaling is that the geometry of track pieces from different vendors in one scale will not generally have direct equivalents at other scales.  You will need to redraw using your preferred track system in N scale and using set track or flexible track according to your needs.  You may also find that the exercise provides opportunities to make other changes and improvements as you proceed. 


Of course, yes absolutely on the points you make. It would certainly be hard to do across all the different geometry's, scales, brands etc, I was forgetting that side of things. As I mentioned, I'm happy to redraw it, will be good practice and as you say, chance to make changes/improvements. Thank you for your reply, very much appreciated.   


To be fair, this is a question that comes up every few months, and unless you're well versed in AnyRail's capabilities and the breadth of the track offerings from different vendors (although I am no expert) it would be natural to think that the software might be able to do this.