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Update Needed for Walthers Code 83

Started by TomB, February 12, 2023, 02:12:10 PM

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I need the wyes.  Walthers has two in Code 83 - a #3 Wye and a #4 Wye:

Walthers Code 83 #3 Wye
Walthers Code 83 #4 Wye

Looking on the Walthers turnout template page, there are no Wyes shown.  I've contacted Walthers about this and will upload the templates when they get them.



I figured out that the Walthers-Shinohara library will work as a replacement.  From what I've read, Walthers is working on duplicating all of the track they used to get from Shinohara and that they're using the Shinohara as a guide.